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Japan free Wi-Fi situation

Frequent problems for tourists during their stay in Japan (by Japan Tourism Agency research 2013)

Rank Answer Ratio Tourist opinion
1 Free Wi-Fi situation 36.70% We need free Wi-Fi environment here, but it is difficult to find and to connect to them.
Actually there are far less free Wi-Fi spots in Japan than other countries.
2 Communication 24.00% It is really difficult to communicate with most Japanese people. Most of them don't speak English.
3 Transportation 20.00% No satisfaction about Free pass of ride
The transportation is really complicated.

Are you sure that you think that there is connected free Wi-Fi environment in Japan and you will use free Wi-Fi ? There is really problem free Wi-Fi environment in Japan. The forewing information shows real problem, for tourist and Japanese Wi-Fi and Internet environment situation, It seems really problem here. JTA(Japan tourism Agency) asks the most problem thing is while staying Japan to foreigner tourism. The most responded is Free Wi-Fi situation. 36.7% of tourist answered it.

Free WiFi in Japan pros and cons.
- Number of Free WiFi spots in Japan are increasing but still seems to be much less than that of other countries.
- Free WiFi spots in Japan sometimes are available only in Japanese when you log-in.
- Some free Wi-Fi spots inquire personal information during connect to the Internet or getting Wi-Fi signal.
- Some free Wi-Fi spots have time and speed limits.
- There are a lot of risks to use free Wi-Fi because free Wi-Fi is normally public Wi-Fi and most free WiFi have no security.
- Capacity of a Free Wi-Fi spot is limited. If too many people use the spot, network would jammed and speed would be limited.
- Only positive point is that it's all free of charge.

Free Wi-Fi spots in Tokyo

Starbucks Coffee

Starbucks provides of a free Wi-Fi service at their stores throughout Tokyo. There are at least 200 of them all over central Tokyo only. The website is available in English and Japanese. There are many steps to use free Wi-Fi of Starbucks. First of all, you need to register to use the free Wi-Fi at their web site before come to Starbucks coffee store. You have to Resister on a smartphone or other devices at hotel or other places with Wi-Fi or Internet environment connectivity. But it is difficult to find these environments in Japan… During resister, you need Email address and password. After resister, you have to log-in with your Email address and password. Finally you can use Starbucks Wi-Fi

Seven Eleven

Seven Eleven is one of the most famous convenience store in Japan. There
are about 2000 their stores in Tokyo. They all have free Wi-Fi in their stores. But you’ll need to know Japanese or know someone who does when you register at there web site. If somehow you connect the Wi-Fi with your device, there is time limit of 60min three times per day and are not big space at Seven Eleven.

JR line

Major JR railway stations provide free Wi-Fi in central Tokyo, including Tokyo, Akihabara, Ueno, Ikebukuro, Shinjuku,
Harajuku ,Shibuya Stations etc. But you wouldn’t be use these Wi-Fi spots without contract with Japanese phone company. There are three big telephone companies that are NTT DOCOMO , Softbank and KDDI of au in Japan. They provide free Wi-Fi to their customers at major stations. If somehow you find other free Wi-Fi at JR East line, it is possible that the free Wi-Fi is very low speed or complicated system.

Tokyo Metro

In the Tokyo area, Tokyo Metro and Toei subway provide free Wi-Fi
access in major stations. If you want to the free Wi-Fi spot you have to download an application of MANTA in Japanese or use the Wi-Fi as browser function in 15min five times per day. If somehow you find other free Wi-Fi at JR East line, it is possible that the free Wi-Fi is very low speed or complicated system.


Like most countries, you can find McDonald's everywhere in Japan. And they provide free-WiFi at their restaurants. You may need to register your email address to activate. 100yen-coffee with free internet might worth visiting McDonald's.

WiFi Situation in Popular Cities

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