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How do we get an Internet access?

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Japanese Wi-Fi and the Internet situation

When you come to Japan, you might need Wi-Fi and Internet environment in many situations. There are very complicated transportation systems and locations in Japan. In addition to these, most Japanese don’t speak English. If you don’t speak Japanese, you might feel inconvenient without Wi-Fi and Internet environment. This page shows Wi-Fi and Internet comparison. There are five ways for you to connect Internet in Japan. You can find the best way of connected Wi-Fi or Internet.

  Rental WiFi Free Wi-Fi Hotel Data Roaming
Speed × ○△
Price 893yen/day〜 Free but sometimes
should be charged
0〜2,000yen / day 200〜2000yen/ 1MB
Time limit Unlimited UNLIMITED ※1 Unlimited/Limited Unlimited
Security ×
Technical support Yes No No Yes
Mobility Yes
It can fit in your bag, pocket and etc.,
Connected only in a spot
Available onlyin hotel
Specifications You can use Wi-Fi environment anytime anywhere in Japan
with high speed. And It can connect up to 10 devices
There are a few free Wi-Fi points in Japan,such as high-speed, time unlimited and simple system. Some hotels have limited data use and time.
Somtimes need a LAN cable to use internet.
You might pay a lot money if you use the internet
via data roaming. Face book photo up date=10Mbps= 200us dollars

Why is Rental Pocket WiFi the best choice for people visiting in Japan?


1 Connectable
You can use WI-FI environment anytime anywhere in Japan with high speed. And It can connect up to 10 devices from a rental WI-FI device.. You can use Google,Skype,facebook,Twitter. whats App and the Internet same like in your country. It means that you can lead confinable life in Japan.

Valuable Price

2 Valuable Price
It is from 1047 yen fee per day with 4G high speed up to 75Mbps.Using rental WI-FI is too reasonable and useful price and choice more than other ways like international data roaming, Internet cafe, free WI-FI ,etc.. There are free WI-FI spots in Japan but most of them are complicated and disconnected situation even Japanese confuse. In addition to this, there are so difficult transportation systems and location in Japan and most Japanese don’t speak English. So how to get a meeting point in the city? If you have rental WI-FI, it solves this problem. You can connect WI-FI everywhere and anytime at connected situation! Don't waste money and time during your stay in Japan

Easy Picking up and off

3 Easy Picking up and off
Our sits deal with major companies in rental WI-FI industry. They have their service counters in major
airports in Japan.It means you can receive and return the device at their service counter during business hours with free fee. You can use the WI-FI immediately after arriving and until before leaving in airport of Japan!! It is impossible for you to be confortable time in Japan without rental WI-FI!!

English Support

4 English full support
They have English support service. If you have problems and questions, you have to call their companies . They provide customer service 24/7 in English and other languages(Telecom Square company can handle in English ,Chinese, Korean, and Japanese). You don't worry about language problem between company and you. Feel free to call them when you want to ask something to them.


5 Insurance
They provide insurance plan for device. It can decide whether you take
out insurance or don't. The insurance has a couple of stages. You have to think about which plan is the best way. You want to know more information, please go to Rental Wi-Fi set page


6 Mobility
The rental WI-FI devise size is similar to smartphone. You can fit it in your pocket or bag! It is so portable. When you want to connect  WI-FI you do only turn on device and enter password. You go to around Japan with rental WI-FI and good memories!!

Free Wi-Fi situations in Japan

Free WiFi

It is difficult to join the free WIFI
There are many free Wi-Fi spots in Japan, Even if you find Free Wi-Fi signal, you’ll more often than not be faced with the provider’s log-in page, usually completely in Japanese. Some cases, you must step on many stage till completely register. Then it would make you be confused.

Speed and time limited
Even if you could log in free Wi-Fi, unfortunately there are almost speed and time limited free Wi-Fi environment in Japan. It is difficult to find free Wi-Fi environment here such as other countries.

Security risks
There are rarely free Wi-Fi spots in Japan like another countries environment. Even if you could join the free Wi-Fi, they have a risk. Free Wi-Fi is public Wi-Fi, there for many people use the free Wi-Fi spot. No one knows who is hacker and cares your security. It is so risky.

Hotel Wi-Fi situations


Unreasonable price (speed, time, and data limited)
Almost hotels in Japan provide Internet access service. But It is difference between Internet environment in other country and Japan. Many hotels Internet environment have speed, time, or data limited in Japan. Many cases, you must pay using fee.

Security risks
In a sense of using public environment, it is little bit similar situations between free Wi-Fi and hotel Internet. No one knows who is hacker and cares your security even Hotel side.

Of course, if you choice to use Hotel’s Internet, you can’t use Internet outside of the Hotel. There are very complicated transportation systems and locations in Japan. When you lost way in Japan, you need to know the information at the moment.

International Data Roaming

Data roaming

Can use same number and devise in Japan
When you use Internet access by your carrier data roaming, you can use same number and devise.

Expensive using fee
If you can use data roaming by your mobile carrier, it is so expensive fee. There are some examples. Please see below.

Sending text 0.5US$ 0.5US$ 0.75AU$ 0.3SG$
Sending one pic(1MB) 19.95US$ 20US$ 21AU$ 10SG$
Talking by Skype 10min(5MB) 97.5US$ 100US$ 105AU$ 50SG$
Showing Map(300KB) 5.85US$ 6US$ 6,3AU$ 3SG$
Checking Facebook(500KB) 9.98US$ 10US$ 10.5AU$ 5SG$

Why not get a Rental Pocket WiFi?

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