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Typical questions

  • Which one is a reasonable rental WIFI?
  • How much should I pay total cost?
  • By when should I make a reservation?
  • What do I have to do before coming to Japan?
  • How long will the WiFi device battery last?
  • Is a step-up or down transformer in WiFi set included?
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4-1 Problems

What should I do when I bloke or lost a rental WIFI device?
Please contact a company or company call center immediately.
Telecom Square
Global WIFI
I can't connect WIFI to my smartphone. 

Please try to turn off WIFI and your device and make sure how to join WIFI.
※It is one of the solution. Please contact company support if you don't solve this problem.

The device is not switched on.
Please make sure remaining battery and charge a device.
※It is one of the solution. Please contact company support if you don't solve this problem.
I can't charge the device. 
Please make sure plug and electrical outlet.
※It is one of the solution. Please contact company support if you don't solve this problem

4-2 Important points

What should I attention?

Before come to Japan
You need to know your countries' electric appliances and plug type.If it is difference between your electric appliances and Japanese,you would need transformer and change plug. In some cases, there is a possibility to break your appliances due to misunderstanding.
1 Japanese plug is A type
2 The Japanese electric appliances support 100 volts

Before receive a rental WIFI
Once the order is placed, you will receive an e-mail confirmation. Print the confirmation e-mail before arrive in Japan. Please show staff present your passport and the e-mail confirmation at receiving place.

When set WIFI to your device
1 Data roaming and mobile data off.
2 Turn on devices and WIFI on at settings category.
3 Put password
Read iphone case
Read Android case

※There is a possibility to be claimed high payment from your telephone company if you forget data roaming and mobile off.

During use WIFI
You need to know FUP.
Fair usage policy(FUP) is the broadband industry’s attempt at keeping cyber traffic down. The policies are designed to protect the people who might be affected by your downloading.If the Internet services provider (ISP)decides to put FUP in place, the ISP may do all or, any of the following; Limit usage, Restrict data usage, restrict speed, and much more. Please refrain from downloading movies/videos, playing online game, and so on.

4-3 Japanese WIFI situation

Is there connectable free WIFI spots in Japan?

No there isn't…
It is difficult to find connectable WIFI. There are far less connected free WIFI spots in Japan than in other countries and your country. In JTAresearch in 2012,there was a question to a foreigner` what was the most problem in Japan when you were visiting Japan? Most answers are about unconnected Free WIFI spots.The answer shows present Japanese Free WIFI situation.

How is the Japanese Free WIFI situation ?

Most Japanese Free WIFI is Japanese language and complicated system. It is difficult to connect Free WIFI. If you should connect Japanese free WIFI you would use with it too slowly speed or complicated systems. In addition to,there is no security.
Read this page.

How is the other WIFI situation in Japan?

There is comparison table of the WIFI and Internet. Please read this page.

What are the differences between Japanese free WIFI and rental WIFI?

The differences are many points.
Please this page there is the detail.