Get the best rental pocket WiFi
at Los Angeles airport - LAX

Rental pocket WiFi for Japan is available at Los Angeles international airport

Good news for those who travel to Japan from the Los Angeles international airport! You can pick up a rental pocket WiFi at the Los Angles internationl airport before you leave for Japan. SUMO-WiFi recommend for the poeple who don't have time to pick up a rental pocket WiFi at Haneda, Narita or other airports in Japan.

Rental pocket WiFi avialble at Los Angeles international airport - LAX

We apologize for the inconvenience but due to the COVID-19,
we have temporary stopped offering this service.

Device image vision
Data Limitation UNLIMITED *1
Rental Fee
per day
USD 5.6 / day
Pick up fee
at airport
Return fee
at airport
Full Insurance Plan100% exemption from reimbursement feesUSD 3 / day
Mini Insurance Plan80% exemption from reimbursement feesUSD 2 / day
Optional Items
Portable Charger
portable charger

USD 1 / day

Multi-Plug Adaptor
multi plug adaptor

USD 0.5 / day

ricoh theta

USD 2.5 / day

Bose noise canceling earbuds
bose nc ear buds

USD 1 / day

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Why rental pocket WiFi?

Pocket WiFi allows you to connect the internet anywhere you go. Even if you are going to Japan with your family or friends you can share its WiFi connection, which cannot be done by a rental SIM card.

up to 10 devices
Since a rental pocket WiFi allows you to connect up to 10 devices you can connect your smartphones, PC, tablet and so on. And also you can share with your friends or family.
Not like free hotspots in the city, connection via a rental pocket WiFi is very secure. So you don't have to worry about security.
easy set up
Setting up a rental pocket WiFi is so easy. Once you connect to the device using its password, you will always be connected as long as it's turned on.

Where to pick up

Tom Bradley International Terminal Arrival Hall


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