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What is rental pocket WiFi delivery?
And why do we need this?

What’s delivery service?

"I don't have time to pick up a rental pocket WiFi!", "My friend could get a rental pocket WiFi for me in advance." In such situation, the delivery service would be the choice. They deliver your rental pocket WiFi to the requested place. You can pick up a rental WiFi at the hotel or your friend's house you're going to stay.

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Delivery service is the best option
when arriving at local airport

It's also useful when you use a local airport instead of major airports such as Narita, Haneda and so on. Especially when you use LCC, you might arrive at rather small airport, where you cannot find any pick up counter of rental pocket WiFi. If there is no pick up counter, you cannot pick it up. Then this delivery service becomes a great choice. You just ask a rental pocket WiFi company to send it to your hotel or wherever you're going to stay. You don't have to go through a major airport to get to the final destination just for picking up a pocket WiFi.

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How much does it cost?

Now I know how useful the delivery service is. But how much does it cost? It's not free, is it?
Here it is. Some are free under certain conditions.

Pick-up delivery Fee 550 yen
USD 8 free
*USD 4.9 will be charged when rental fee is less than USD 27.27.

*1,100 yen will be charged when your period is less than 6days.
550 yen 750 yen〜
Return delivery Fee 550 yen
USD 8 It's charged at cost 550 yen 750 yen〜
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How can I use delivery service?

It's easy. In a booking process, you can choose delivery service instead of choosing which airport to pick up.*
*Only for JAL ABC, you have to make a phone call to apply delivery service. (In Japanese)

Deliver your rental pocket WiFi to your destination

You can pick it up at your hotel if you use the delivery service.